Support for LGBTQ Marriage and Relationships


Family life is the biggest priority for many people. When your relationship status changes, you may worry about how it will affect your child/children. You are not alone; many people face changing family landscapes and the resources below are some of the best at helping you make healthy and loving decisions. 

Relationship resources

Same sex couples have seen progress in recognized relationship status in recent years. We continue to work each and every day to promote equal rights. The following resources provide information, education, and data on relationships and marriage in both the LGBTQ and general community. 

ACLU LGBTQ Relationship Information - a great resource on relationship rights

American Psychology Association - researched based perspectives on marriage and relationships

Human Rights Campaign - articles and posts about relationships from HRC, a leading organization on human rights

Pew Research - research resources and articles on same-sex marriage

United Church of Christ - Information and resources on marriage recognition in the UCC church, one of the most welcoming and affirming Christian denominations

State Specific Marriage Information

Laws regarding same-sex marriage vary state-by-state so it is important to learn your state's specific regulations. 

GLAD State Resources


Children from Prior Relationships

If your relationship status is changing, your first thought is probably your child/children. Your legal rights as a parent still exist and, even in the face of challenging circumstances, you can make decisions that are in the best interest of your child/children. The growth and happiness of your entire family is important and the following resources can help inform your choices. 

Marriage / Parent Equality FAQ

Legal Recognition of LGBT Families


Recommended Reading

These are popular books, websites and blogs written for parents in our community.

Love Makes a Family

Family Pride

Mombian - A blog for lesbian moms

The Next Family - an online community for modern families

Support Groups

Support is available in many formats - online or in your local neighborhoods. 

Gay Parent Magazine Support Groups Page - A state by state resource

Family Equality - Locations across the US

PFLAG - More than 400 groups that support families