Help for LGBTQ Parents or Those Looking to Start a Family


Foster Care and adoption

There is a shortage of adoptive and foster parents. At the same time there is a growing population of individuals in the LGBTQ community looking to become parents.

More than 20 states now grant adoption to gay and lesbian couples. There are still states that oppose granting foster care or adoption to members of our community.

Resources for foster or adoptive parents can be found below. 

ACLU Fact Sheet

Foster and Adoption Laws by State

Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Foster/Adoptive Parents

What is LGBTQ Adoption and How Does it Work?

Donors And Surrogacy

Traditional and gestational surrogacy are parenting options for many individuals looking to begin a family together.

If you have a friend or family member that is willing to be a surrogate you may reduce costs and perhaps additional complexities in the process.

For most a search for a surrogate is required. We have some resources that may help you, as well as resources to help after your child is born.

HRC Surrogacy Process

Circle Surrogacy - Leading agency for surrogacy search

Parents to Be - Full resource for parents