Harassment and Safety Advice for LGBTQ Individuals


Harassment and Safety

Harassment can take the form of bullying, violence by friends, family or strangers, or hate crimes. 

Resources like the ones listed below can help you know how to protect yourself legally and hysically if you encounter violence and/or harassment.

GLAD Web Resources on Violence and Harassment - a listing covering issues across some states in the US

Clearinghouse - a fairly in-depth resource list of information, articles, evidence-based research, and community-generated information

Identifying Tactics of Power & Control - some tips on ways another may display abusive tendencies

Hate Crime Issues and Laws

The below map is a project that provides details about laws covering hate crimes.


Reporting Violence

Below are links that can be used to report violence against yourself or someone you know.

National Domestic Violence Hotline - A first resource, regardless of your location

Anti-Violence Project - Report violence in or around NYC

AVP National Members - Find contact information nationally

MKE LGBT Reporting - Reporting site for individuals in Wisoconsin

Southern Equality - Information on how to report in states across the South